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Fully practical knowledge

To obtain an CIMA diploma a candidate must pass 15 complicated examinations in accounting, finance and business management. Since the examinations are developed by persons dealing in practice with finance they differ significantly from typical academic exams. The scope of knowledge required at each CIMA examination is incomparably greater than that of any university exam, and additionally, full understanding of practical applications of that knowledge is required. CIMA students must know how to apply their knowledge in specific situations (scenarios), which prepares them excellently for using it later in actual work.

Enhancement and expansion of professional qualifications

People at work quite often deal with a narrow field of finance. Preparation for CIMA examinations will allow them to expand their financial expertise to include other areas, thus offering an opportunity of promotion or a transfer to another job with a broader scope of responsibilities. CIMA supplements knowledge wherever current position does not offer such possibilities.

International recognition

Since the knowledge required at CIMA examinations is exactly the same at any place worldwide, whenever you meet an CIMA member you may accurately predict his/her knowledge level regardless of where he/she is from. As a result, CIMA members have an opportunity to pursue their career not only locally but also in other markets.

For example, if you are an CIMA student or graduate applying for a job in the UK or Ireland you will be treated equally with local candidates. CIMA examinations will confirm both your English proficiency and your good standard of professional knowledge.

Being part of a select group of professionals

Accounting and finance specialists are becoming increasingly needed worldwide. The experts who additionally have an external quality confirmation of their qualifications need not worry about finding a job nowadays. CIMA Members are a small, identifiable group of professionals much desired by businesses.